Slideshow Advertising

Your advertisement appears in our Home page slideshow, eye catching, top of page.

Event Slideshow Ad on GSCC homepage:
a. You provide the image background 1600x350 pixels in JPG format
b. You can include a text up to 100 characters that overlay the banner
c. A URL link so people can click on the banner back to your site

Advertising Conditions
Your advertisement must receive approval by GSCC prior to release to assure there are no conflicts of interest regarding content, dates, or times of your information with other postings and/or GSCC partnerships.  We reserve the right to decline your request for advertising service.

Please be advised that advertising is considered a service. Advertising your information or event through GSCC does not constitute endorsement or validation of your information, event, or organization.


US$ 800 per month for non-members
20% discount for GSCC Members: US$ 640 per post