Executive Search

How we work

The recruitment arm of GSCC can act as an executive search agency. Our team of skilled and dedicated consultants will support and advise you throughout the whole recruitment process, from the analysis of your recruitment needs to the on-boarding of the selected candidate

Our candidates
Mainly based in Asia-Pacific region, our more than 200,000 active and passive candidates cover all major industries/sector and range from middle management to senior levels. We have candidates from both local or international backgrounds (Europe, North America), speaking English, Mandarin, Thai, Bahasa, Vietnamese and other Asian languages. See the demographics here.

Our services include:
- Collaboration in creating an effective job description by performing a focused analysis of the work environment
- Pre-selection of candidates by reviewing application documents, doing potential analyses, and interviews
- A compilation of detailed profiles on the candidates based on our pre-selection process
- Coordination of schedules for job interviews
- Consultation services on issues involving labor law, salaries, commissions and other bonus payments

> You need a highly experienced supply chain executive search firm to guarantee that the role will be filled
> As an in-house recruitment team of GSCC, we have fewer contractual relationships than the larger firms, so we can go after the top talent at your competitors if and when needed
> The role requires a high degree of specialization, leadership, knowledge and skills in supply chain management
> Confidentiality is important (especially if there is an existing candidate in place)
> Deep-level investigative, research, sourcing and screening is required
> You seek to engage the most qualified, top performing candidates in APAC region
> A variety of solutions for long term, short-term missions, project-based and contracts.
> Advantageous fees based on the annual salary of our candidates.

Our fees are flexible and adapted to our clients, visit the search fees page for more information
Contact us at recruit {at} gscc.co to organize a call to discuss further details about our services.

Positions Searched

Our recruitment teams partner with companies across industries to find the best talents in Asia to fill procurement, logistics and supply chain vacancies like these:
- Global Sourcing
- Indirect Procurement
- Procurement Management 
- Inventory & Warehouse Management
- Transport / Distribution Manager
- Logistics Management
- Retail & Distribution
- Customs & Trade Compliance
- Supply Chain & Demand Planning
- Transformation & Digitization
- Supply Chain Management

For every engagement search we accept, we conduct the following:
Needs Analysis
Market Research
Candidate Sourcing
Candidate Screening
Competency Evaluation
Candidate Presentation
Client Interviews
Reference Checks
Offer Negotiation