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Don’t think you can help? You’re mistaken.
The Global Supply Chain Council (GSCC) offers a wide variety of opportunities for you to get involved in our community dedicated to furthering the supply chain profession in Asia. Yes, you too can make a difference!

Serve on a Industry or Focus Group Leader
GSCC maintains various and regular and focus groups throughout the year. These are group of volunteer members selected to share, discuss on a particular industry or area of expertise within the sector e.g. e-commerce, cold chain, customs, automotive logistics, etc…

Represent the Network In Your Country/Province/City
GSCC is also composed of geographical committees or chapters, which represent and support their countries, provinces or cities. Chapters serve the organization through hosting local events, reporting city-specific issues to the team and supporting members within their region.

Suggest An Article
The Council publishes a diverse collection of educational articles, features, stories and editorials through its SupplyChains magazine and his website You can share your experience, knowledge or viewpoints to supply chain professionals by simply submitting an article. To suggest an article email us at info{at}

Speak at an Event
With more than 30 events a year, GSCC is the largest producer of supply chain networking events in Asia. If you are an experienced presenter and wish to share your industry knowledge and local insights, the Council provides you the opportunity to present at a workgroup, public seminar, conference or summit. To become a speaker, email us at speak{at}

To view the list of upcoming events – click here.

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