Email Marketing

Reach 200,000+ Inboxes All Over Asia

Why Email Marketing?
Email marketing is a highly effective and inexpensive way for logistics services providers, consulting firms, software/technology vendors and real estate developers to reach their target audience. Email not only provides a direct line of communication to existing end-users shippers, it also makes it easy to reach potential manufacturers, retailers and brand owners.

What to promote?
Generate new leads for your organization by featuring your white papers, research, webinar/event invitation or tradeshow booth. Put your company’s brand, products, and services in front of our highly-targeted audiences with highly educative content to email readers.

The e-newsletter offers an unparalleled way to get directly into the in-box of thousands of qualified supply chain, logistics and procurement professionals across Asia. Read why email should sit at the heart of the marketing mix.

Ad Rates *CPM stands for "cost per thousand"
Number of campaigns                     CPM*
One campaign                                   US$ 150
2-3 campaigns                                  US$ 100
4 and more                                        consult us

Ads must be booked for the full number of subscribers for each country.

ROI Metrics
• Reach: 200,000+ supply chain, logistics and procurement professionals
• Exclusivity: a maximum of 50 direct e-mail messages are sent each year, no more than 1/week maximum.
• Average open rates: 27.8% in 2017, 26.5% in 2018 (first 6 months) 
• Average click rate: 6.5% in 2017, 6.2% in 2018 (first 6 months) 

If you have any other questions or simply want to book your AD, email us.

Subscribers Base

Mainland China 30,000
Indonesia 19,000
Philippines 17,000
Malaysia 16,000
Thailand 14,500
Hong Kong 14,500
Singapore 14,000
Myanmar 14,000
Vietnam 12,000
India 10,000
Korea 9,000
Taiwan 6,000
Japan 6,000
Europe 5,000

Note: these numbers keep changing as we continue to grow our community at a rate of 2,000+ new subscribers each month.

Database Quality

GSCC database is a highly targeted, constantly maintained list which is continually changing through additions, deletions, amendments, qualifying and profiling. The database is maintained in-house to ensure quality of existing data and new imported data.


- Improve communication and increase engagement
- Develop brand awareness
- Position your organization as a go-to source for supply chain thought leadership and expertise
- Keep supply chain, logistics and procurement professionals thinking about you year-round
- Gain a significant advantage over the competition in Asia.

Email Guidelines

Your customized HTML email message (with image hosted) is sent on your behalf by GSCC on a mutually agreeable date.

Statistics from e-mails will be provided including total sent, open and click rates. Statistics are available twice, 48-hours after the email and anytime again upon request.

See more email guidelines here.